• Rail transport

    On the tracks of Serbia, Southeastern Europe, the EU, the Russian Federation and the surrounding countries we provide the following services:

    • In addition to organizing conventional transport, we also organize transport of liquid cargo, bulk cargo, special (oversized) shipments, hazardous substances (RID)
    • Making calculations according to customer's requirements using the most favorable tariffs
    • Preparation of supporting documentation
    • Operational monitoring of shipments throughout the transport route
    • Physical securing of shipments at the request of the customer
    • Provision of all types of special wagons
  • Road transport

    Thanks to long-term cooperation and annual contracts with renowned carriers from Serbia, Russia and the EU, we provide the following services:

    • Full Truckload (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL)
    • Quality, reliable and fast transportation of goods
    • Quality latest generation vehicles
    • Transportation and manipulation of oversized cargo
    • Insurance of transported goods by CMR Convention and transport insurance at the request of the customer
    • Door to door tracking of goods
  • Maritime transport

    We base our business on cooperation with renowned ship companies, as well as with ship agents in Bar, Rijeka, and Koper, for the transport of goods by sea, the Danube from/to Black Sea ports from / to Regensburg and according to the special requirements of customers, by Rhine–Main–Danube Canal. Our services include:

    • Chartering (booking of a ship in sea and river route transport)
    • Organization of loading, unloading, and transshipment in direct and indirect manipulation
    • Providing open and closed storage space
    • Container door to door transport of goods
    • Hiring control houses, at the request of the customer
    • Monitoring and positioning of vessels
  • Customs brokerage

    In a professional and expert manner, through licensed customs agents within the service of customs brokerage with electronic submission of documents (EPD) we can provide you the following services:

    • Efficient and reliable representation, with the preparation and submission of the complete necessary documentation in the customs procedure before the customs authorities during import, export, and transit of goods
    • Preparation of complete customs documentation
    • Stationing of goods, storage of goods, manipulation costs in public customs warehouses
    • When paying a customs bill, we also offer you a deferred payment option using our customs bank guarantee to make your goods available in free circulation as soon as possible
    • Expert advice, consultations, and instructions on customs regulations and classification of goods by the Customs Tariff
  • Other services

    It is already part of our tradition to offer high quality service in the area of warehousing, so as collective, cargo and aero transport.
    Our team with big knowledge and experience can also provide you with consulting services in area of logistics and transportation organization.